Santana HF 

(*Wiking x *Stokrotka x  *Bandos x *Sasanka)

Grey Pure Polish Arabian Stallion
Foaled Monday, April 12, 1993
Race Record: 5-21(3-5-3-5)1

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If you are looking to breed a successful athlete, it has been proven by the offspring of many breeders that the *Wiking/*Sasanka cross produces.

Breeding Potential in Santana HF

Santana HF, is a stakes-winning son of *Wiking 38(20-10-2) whose foal crops have amassed over $8.7 Million USD in earnings. No other horse but Santana HF holds this look-alike pedigree plus *Bandos to the great racehorse and sire, Monarch AH (*Wiking x *Sasanka), *Wiking's most famous and successful son. In the summer of 2001, Monarch AH, along with the rest of the herd of Magness Arabians (the late Bob Magness of TCI Cable) in Colorado and California, was sold to H.H.Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed al Nayhan and exported to Abu Dhabi
The Arabian Jockey Club's statistics, prior to the sale of Monarch AH, show that of the mares Monarch bred, nearly 80% were Bandos daughters and of those *Bandos daughters, 98% produced winners and stakes winners. At the time of the study, those remaining were too young and too early in their racing careers to discount as possible winners to be. Santana HF is a *Bandos grandson. 
Santana HF's dam, *Stokrotka by *Bandos, was a 1975 Arabian mare imported from Poland. Santana HF's pedigree cannot be reproduced.
Santana HF is now the only living *Wiking son standing in the U.S. who is out of a
*Sasanka daughter by *Bandos. Santana HF offers the only source for this combination of bloodlines.
With less than two dozen offspring world-wide old enough to compete, Santana has produced three race winners/two currently racing in Sweden, an endurance top-ten, a US National Top Ten Working-Cow Champion, and a US National Reining Futurity Champion and twice AHRA Reining Futurity Top-Ten.
Santana HF is an Accredited Texas-Bred sire.
Will be nominated to the Arabian Racehorse World Challenge when established (
Santana HF stands at Ripley Ranch, in Terrell, Texas, and is owned by Dreamfield Arabian Racehorses, Inc. 
AI available in US
Frozen semen available for Europe and the Middle East.
Santana HF 1993 Stallion





One of the best stallions for race breeding and more.


Santana HF

We feel Santana HF will prove to be an excellent sire of future racehorses, especially when bred to the larger French-bred mares winning on the track today. All of Santana HF offspring have excellent confirmation, attitude and heart, they are athletes. We have seen them excel in endurance, but we are just now finding out that in the show ring, western classes, specifically reining and working cow divisions are quite possibly disciplines where Santana HF get will excel at the national level.

*What is obvious when you compare the small number of Santana HF offspring whose owners chose to build their careers, those offspring became quite accomplished.



Santanas Angelo -


2009 US Arabian


 Nationals -

 Tulsa,  Ok


Reining Futurity 5 &



"Angelo" is a 2005 Santana HF son, and as a 4 Year Old, he has shown at Scottsdale coming in Top Ten in the ARHA Reining Futurity as his first show ever.  And again, as a 4 Year Old, in his second show ever, Angelo won the US Arabian Horse Nationals Reining Futurity!

Video link on Angelo's Championship "go"



First 2002 foal crop of 5 foals - DAR bred, trained and sold:
  • Callies Rapido 2/12(1-0-2) $8,591 in Delaware and Texas, Top Ten Finish in his first 25-mile endurance race .
  • Sold


 Mandolynn Hill Farm retained:

  • My Carlos Santana - did not race, National Top Ten Working Cow Jr. Horse (in only three shows!)


  • Santrya - sold for endurance
  • Destiny CC - sold for endurance
2003 foal crop of 2 foals DAR retained:

  • Santanas Angelina - pleasure horse/future broodmare

2004 foal crop of 5 foals DAR bred:

  • Santanas Chief - sold for endurance and trail

2005 foal crop of 7 foals in the US - DAR bred:

  • D Querido - Sold as pleasure/endurance horse. 
  • Santanas Angelo - Above:  US National Champion Reining Futurity - 2009; Top Ten 2009 ARHA Reining Futurity at Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.  This was his first show!  Sold to trainer Thiago Sobral and Dr. J. Gregory Byrne - Scottsdale, AZ
  • Symbolic Gesture - Sold for western disciplines to Courtney Arabians


And in 2005, 3 foals in Europe

  • Pantana - Above:  Feb 2010 - Leading Arabian Racehorse in Sweden

  • San Antonio - Above: First out Feb 2009 in Sweden against older winners - 4th off first by 4 lengths. Click on the "News" tab above to see "Tony's" race.

  • San Antonio - Below:  Racing in the Swedish Derby; finishes 4th .03 secs off first.  
  • 2009 race record - 10(0-1-2-2-3)


2006 foal crop of 1 in the US and 1 in Europe
  • Great Balls of Fire - in US - Half-Arabian gelding (Santana HF x Docolena Bueno San) - roping horse - SOLD
  • Winipeg Jet - in Europe - filly (Santana HF x Wiosenka x Probat)


2010 foal crop of 1 in the US - DAR bred

  • Santanas Charlie (pending) - For Sale - Full brother to 2009 US National Reining Champion Santanas Angelo (Santana HF x So Helpme God x Virgule Al Maury)

*As is the case with many stallions, it takes time for a sire to make his mark on the breed. We follow Santana HF offspring accomplishments as best as we can. We love hearing from the mare owners who bred to Santana. It helps us stay current on how his offspring are doing, and it helps you, as a mare owner considering Santana HF as a sire, to see what he is producing. 


Conditions of breeding:




Santana HF stands at Ripley Ranch, Terrell, Texas, AI or frozen semen



cell:     214-557-2722

  Dallas: 214-528-3977

Ranch: 972-551-3977



Europe & Middle East

Santana HF is represented by Genberg & Co AB, Simrishamn, Sweden
phone +46-414-235-80

Fee: $2000 USD plus customary collection and shipping costs